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Construction Solutions, Inc.  welds its reputation for quality and customer satisfaction into every piece of pipe.  We can fabricate carbon or stainless steel in our shop.  Our in-house facilities enable us to create unique fabrications to meet your needs while maintaining firm control over the quality and productivity of each piece. 

We are experienced in manufacturing and installing systems of various materials such as galvanized iron, stainless steel, PVC and fiberglass.  Our certified welders are qualified in working with all gauges of metal.


All of our welders are ASME certified in: Carbon Steel (Stick, MIG, TIG), Stainless Steel (Stick, MIG, TIG), Aluminum & exotic metals (Hastelloy, Inconel), Orbital tube welding (high purity), and High-Frequency welding.

Some Available Services

Our clients rely on us for: