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Advanced Technology Solutions

General and mechanical contracting in the semi-conductor industry, installation of high-purity piping and UHP Gas Panels.


Our clients demand the highest level of quality and cleanliness when it comes to working in a high tech environment.   Our unparalleled experience in dealing with critical issues of space, time and security has satisfied even the toughest client.

CSI has a Class 1000 clean room where we fabricate and orbital weld ultra-high purity piping systems.  We also fusion-weld PVDF piping systems for R.O. and D.I. water systems.  We pride ourselves in staying on the cutting edge of the latest shop equipment and operator training.  Over the last six years, our focus has been to continually improve our standards and procedures. 

We fabricate pipe for our own projects and subcontract our work as well.  Our clients include semi-conductor manufacturers, national laboratories and private firms.

Our familiarity with advanced technology is coupled with our innovative problem-solving attitude. CSI is the best choice for companies that work at the leading edge of new technology or require precise, close-tolerance work.


Ultra Pure Piping System: